Trigger Warning

by Bereave

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protowolf Misery Machine is so thrashy, but gets brutal as fuck when it needs to. Fucking A+ shit. Favorite track: Misery Machine (feat. Kevin of Old Wounds).
Rybo Jangles
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Rybo Jangles Heavier than a 2 ton sack of shit being dropped on the surface of Jupiter.
Favorite track: Misery Machine (feat. Kevin of Old Wounds).
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released March 4, 2016

Thanks to Caleb at Self Titled Media for recording us and putting up with our bullshit again. Thanks to Kevin and Josh for doing guest vocals. And thanks to Jonah Thorne for the art.



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Bereave Baltimore, Maryland

Cornered by the bastard, Death.

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Track Name: 263 (feat. Josh of High Water)
Alas your reign of terror comes to an end.
Your last chance to hide behind the law
watch as the clock ticks beyond death.
Coward, hide your face, hide your shame
Coward, fall from grace, take the blame.
You'll have years to agonize and regret
What you did to all those beautiful lives.
Hopefully you'll get a first hand glimpse
Of the pain and suffering you inflicted
How can you ever expect to be forgiven?
No god would ever save scum like you.
A dream come true
A world without you.
Track Name: Cornered
Death grip, Reaper's touch.
Whatever this curse, it's mine to bare.
Watching a life end, a body turn cold.
I curse death to it's face.
This is the end.
Betrayed by negligence,
prolonged suffering,
and a biased sense of love
I let go.
Cornered by the bastard, death.
Track Name: Misery Machine (feat. Kevin of Old Wounds)
You claim the part, but we will never be the same.
A pig, a misogynist, a poor excuse for a human being.
All are beautiful, except the ones who lay a hand on you.
You're blind to morality, and too weak minded to know it.
Hit back I dare you.
But instead you'll blow it off with bitterness,
you can't argue with stupidity.
You can't reason with idiocy.
You don't belong here with opinions like yours.
Take them to your grave.
Life's light slowly fading
I'll close your coffin like the rest
One nail at a time.
One nail at a time.